Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the security provided to protect infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure, such as airports, highways rail transport, hospitals, bridges, transport hubs, network communications, media, the electricity grid, dams, power plants, seaports, oil refineries, and water systems. Cyber Security seeks to limit vulnerability of these structures and systems to sabotage, terrorism, and contamination.

Critical infrastructures naturally utilize information technology as this capability has become more and more available. As a result they have become highly interconnected, and interdependent. Intrusions and disruptions in one infrastructure might provoke unexpected failures to others. How to handle interdependencies becomes an important problem.

Benefits to our clients:
  • Reduces risk to business assets
  • Reduces costs associated with reactionary or crisis management activities
  • Proactively deals with real-time security incidents and emergencies that require immediate attention;
  • Provides a solid structure to safeguard most critical information assets
  • Provides a structured security vision to communicate the value of security throughout the organization
  • Permits bundling of security capabilities into marketable products for corp. customers.

Services Offered:

  • Enterprise IS Security Strategy
  • Information security policies, procedure & framework
  • Attack and Penetration Testing
  • Application security review
  • Security configuration Review
  • Network Security Architecture Review
  • Security Framework for Virtualization
  • Security Framework for IT Outsourcing
  • Measure, track and report on security metrics
  • SOC Consulting & Implementation
  • Security & Event Monitoring Tool Automation
  • PCIDSS Consulting Services
  • ISO 27001 Consulting services
  • DLP/DRM Solution Conceptualization and Implementation
  • Security and Event Monitoring Process Design

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