Strategy & Planning

On a strategic level, no technologies have changed more rapidly than information technology and communications. These changes are driving much of the change in the global business environment. Companies that are capable of getting their “arms around” their information systems and communications have a critical competitive advantage. Developing a sound IT strategy is a major effort. Establishing a dynamic I.T. strategy requires far more finesse than it did even a decade ago. It requires improving the management process, synthesized with a clear vision of foreseeable directions and trends of information technology.

The focus needs to be on the information stream. Every company needs to address the time it takes to process office and shop floor transactions and paperwork. Throughput time is critical to success in commercial markets. The ability to compete is being determined by the degree of responsiveness to customers and key markets: how fast you deliver, how good the quality is, what the price is, and what value the customer perceives he is getting.


The Benefits:

The main benefit from this effort will be a developed information technology strategic plan that will reflect state-of-the-art technology and best practices, and, when fully implemented, result in the reduced total throughput time and overhead cost of processing orders from quotation through shipment and invoicing. This will materialize by the development and implementation of an information technology strategy that focuses on streamlined work flow processes and improving productivity.

Other tangible benefits that will ultimately result from the strategic plan when fully implemented are:

  • Freeing of resources for better utilization
  • The ability to grow the business without substantial increases to staff through increased productivity
  • Reduced delays in work flow processes
  • Reduced delivery response time
  • Reduced inventory


Business Needs and Challenges:
  • Business Technology
  • Business Continuity
  • Sustainable IT
  • Cost Optimization
  • Global Sourcing

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