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Advanced Analytics

Today leaders have to look for better way of utilizing data especially Big data. Organizations that use internal or external data effectively tend to take more appropriate and successful decisions leading to higher revenues.
SMCE helps client achieve this by providing advisory solutions on how to use advance analytics techniques for the benefit of business.

Visual Process Simulation – create a visual mock-up of your process, similar to drawing a flowchart. By adding timings and rules to the tasks, resources and constraints that make up your system, the simulation will accurately represent the real process, thereby enabling to make the right choice.

Monte Carlo Simulation – Monte Carlo simulation furnishes the decision-maker with a range of possible outcomes and the probabilities that will occur for any choice of action.

Statistical Analysis & Forecasting – Every decision executive makes today have to consider some kind of forecast, predictions of demands and trends. Forecasting can help them deal with these and make decision making more effective.

Data mining & segmentation – to extract previously unknown and actionable information from large, complex databases.

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