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Artificial Intelligence in Business

The very idea to create an artificial intelligence is to make the lives of humans easier. The technique of cognitive learning and training a machine to learn in a way which resembles a human being, may not be entirely new, but with the increasing availability of relatively cheap and flexible computing power the technology is becoming far more accessible.

SMCE is now offering methodologies and frameworks that allow businesses to create their own intelligent services.

Most businesses are at very early stages of adoption, however there are a growing number of examples where the smart technology is being used to optimise back office and consumer-facing systems and processes.

Here are just some of the enterprise use cases around cognitive computing, machine learning and AI that we are seeing:

  1. Marketing: AI Chatbots and for marketing emails
  2. Logistics: AI replacing Barcodes to help both within warehouse and delivery processes
  3. Insurance: AI in Insurance to help calculate insurance policy payouts
  4. Finance: Banks leverage AI as first line support and customer service
  5. Healthcare: AI to improve patient monitoring at Hospitals
  6. Media: AI to personalize and recommend featured programs

BIG Data Analytics is a critical application for AI today. AI and cognitive computing is crucial to processing the mounds of data generated by large enterprises and analysing it for ever-smarter insights.

Companies with advanced digital capabilities across assets, operations and workforces grow revenue and market shares faster than peers. Disruptive data-driven models and capabilities are reshaping some industries, and could transform many more.

SMCE sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool that can help companies address error reduction, opportunity exploration, repetitive tasks, digital assistance, and the growing data.

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