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Staying ahead of competition
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Training Courses & Programs

Preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Our cycle of achieving a culture of excellence starts with offering a wide range of internationally certified and accredited courses. SMCE covers various disciplines and helps in your Digital Transformation journey. These offerings are intended to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to adopt internationally recognized standards and best practices at their organizations.

The six (6) categories under which SMCE has organized its courses:

Develop Future Leaders

Only 13 percent of all companies say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels.

Upskill your workforce

Roughly 35 percent of core job skills will change by 2025. Competitive organizations must adapt.

Engaging Career Development

Learning and Development professionals agree that learning is on top-of-mind for executives.

Our training targets all organizational levels, be that the top level decision maker or executive who needs to make quick and knowledgeable decisions, or the customer or end user that needs to be able to utilize the service that they need to accomplish their task. These comprehensive training courses will put the candidates on the path to achieve their required and internationally accredited certifications.

Upcoming Courses

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