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Sustainable strategies for your business
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SMCE is a regional organization dedicated to the promotion of a culture of Service Excellence in public and private sectors. To achieve its stated goals, SMCE has aligned with leading local and international authorities in order to accelerate knowledge transfer and build local expertise in the areas of Technology and Management.

Our boutique consultancy firm is devoted to the development of strategies, techniques, principles and practices of excellence, that will enhance individual and organizational performance, and further the advancement and maturity in the region.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

A premier consultancy firm with an undisputed reputation in revolutionary concepts and programs.

Excellence is a continuous process and not a skill.

SMCE’s is proud of its pioneering and innovative spirit, which has enabled us to introduce and spearhead Business and performance improvement initiatives. We have assembled a leadership team that reflects our commitment, and helps us navigate through a dynamic and complex path in a ever-evolving digital future.

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    Drive value and stimulate innovation.

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    Avail a knowledge center that provides quality research, development and education.

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    Principles, leadership, integrity, accountability, quality and collaboration serve as our values and guide our actions and behavior.

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