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On Demand Learning

On demand learning for today’s evolving workforce. Our On-Demand Learning is a training strategy for how a learner gains access to knowledge based content in real time, anywhere and at anytime.

A learning method that helps business and careers move forward with the right knowledge and skills. SMCE on-demand learning service provides educational programs for every schedule and budget allowing for continuous skills improvement that ultimately increases productivity, engagement, quality, and ROI.

Need human capital leaders to support your digital workforce strategy?

Benefits from investing in SMCE’s on-demand learning solutions include:

1. Cost saving
2. Highly effective method for quick up to date content
3. Ability to monitor and track
4. Facilitates learning before, during and after
5. Increases accessibility and overall reach
6. Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime and on demand
7. High return on attendance
8. Allows for content diversity
9. Earn PDUs and gain practical, real-world knowledge
10. Remote & Mobile-Friendly

SMCE on demand learning offerings include a variety of courses, skills and programs offered through the following mediums:
1. Blended learning
2. eLearning courses (Computer & Mobile)
3. Videos, Infographics and learning content
4. Digitized policies and employee manuals

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